100 YARD BENCH REST MATCH, Sun, Sep 25, 2022


Sunday, September 25, 10:00 am until 12:00 pm
Rifle Range

FRANKLIN COUNTY SPORTSMANS CLUB 100 YARD BENCH REST MATCH (CLUB MEMBERS ONLY) Guests are allowed if the club waiver has been signed.

Once again we will be starting the popular 100 yard rifle shoots beginning in April. Come see how accurate your rifle is. A $5.00 entry fee will be charged per person.

  • FIREARM: Match requires .17 Cal. thru .223 Cal. Center fire only Any scope/sights are allowed
  • BENCHREST: 2 separate supports for firearm consisting of a front rest or bi pod and a rear bag.
  • AMMUNITION: Any factory loads or re-loads can be used.
  • TARGET: Single Paper with 15 targets and practice target (1) Shot per target. Practice target can be shot multiple times prior to the start of the official targets.
  • TIME LIMIT: Each shooter will be allowed 10 Minutes to sight in on the practice target prior to the start of the match. The match will proceed with 15 minutes to complete the supplied target.

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